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Mallard Research Program
Now is the time to become involved in the Mallard Release Program
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Improve Mallard populations in your hunting area. Get involved with the SC Mallard Release Program.

Spring mallard orders will take place in January 2012!
For a Limited Time Only!

Call David Wielicki at 803-452-6001 for details on how to get involved in a release program.

David Wielicki - SCWA
Office: 803-452-6001 

Email: contact@scwa.org
Final MRP numbers for 2010

The Mallard Release Program (MRP) has completed another successful year. This summer 40,000 mallards were released on approximately 75 sites across South Carolina. This number is similar to last year’s numbers but down from previous years. The economy continues to affect everyone including many MRP cooperators. Since 1994 however, over 620,000 mallards have been released in SC. Frost Waterfowl Trust and SCWA continue to provide top quality mallards for landowners to enjoy. Although it is too late to get ducks for this year, landowners are encouraged to get involved now! “Slow� years can become a thing of the past. 
If you are interested in getting into the MRP or if you would like help on your habitat please contact MRP coordinator, David Wielicki at 803-452-6001.