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People say the one constant in life is change and they are correct. Things do change and what's more, they change fast. At the SCWA, we realize that change is inevitable, but we also believe there are things that should not be lost along the way. It used to be that waterfowling, hunting and fishing were more than hobbies of the day, it was simply what everyone did. Outdoorsmen / women developed a vital relationship with the land that was unlike anything most young people know today. Their passion for the outdoors sustained them and enriched their lives in many ways. 
These are the real traditions that Camp Woodie is all about. We feel that a young person cannot go wrong getting into hunting or fishing. For most young people, it is a natural fit once they are taught how to handle firearms safely and responsibly. In time, they see for themselves that conservation is an issue that falls on each hunter to do his/her part and they will in turn, mentor some young person when they are older. This is the natural cycle that Camp Woodie champions; that of preserving our positive traditions of waterfowling and hunting in general. By instilling in young people a passion for the outdoors and teaching them the skills necessary to be successful, we open the doors for a lifetime of memories. We also, hopefully, close the door on the many negative activities that can fill up a young person's time if they don't have positive channels for their energy. This is what we call a Woodie Win Win situation. 
Camp Woodie 2015 Dates
   Week:                Date:                Level:
          1               May 31st - June 4th              1 & 2  
          2               June 7th - June 11th             1 & 2 
          3               June 14th - June 18th              3 
          4               June 21st - June 25th            FULL
          5               June 28th - July 2nd                3 
          6               July 5th - July 9th                    3 
          7               July 12th - July 16th             1 & 2 
          8               July 19th - July 23rd             1 & 2 
          9               July 26th - July 30th                3 
         10          August 2nd - August 6th         1 & 2

Level 1 & 2: $445 / Level 3: $595
All Weeks Are Co-Ed!
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We invite you to keep these fine traditions going with us this summer!

Week 4 is FULL!